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Plantform is an online marketplace to acquire new and exotic plants, gorgeous flowers, tall trees and healthy hedging, landscaping shrubs and aromatic herbs, plus freshly harvested green groceries and fresh produce from local providers. All deliveries (or collections) follow Covid-safe protocols.

We also offer access to services from an entire eco-system of independent industry-related practitioners and advisors, including:

  • HORTICULTURISTS with specialist plants and gardening care tips, guidance and expertise
  • Qualified and regulated health professional DIETICIANS for health advice and working with customers with special dietary needs due to health conditions
  • NUTRITIONISTS to provide information about food and healthy eating, but not about special diets for medical conditions

1. Shoppers can:

  • Search for plants & fresh produce products based on the vendor’s location
  • Extend searches to include all the vendors within a specific radius
  • Sign up for Plantform Newsletter from the homepage

2. Signed Up Customers can:

  • Start receiving plants, flowers & trees and or seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes, customisable and often organic
  • Have products delivered free of charge if purchased within a 5 km radius of the vendor store location; after that, incur a discretionary vendor delivery fee for delivery by post or courier service
  • Personally collect the goods 
  • Buy a gift card for someone else or pay with a gift card received
  • Provide a review on the Product page
  • Consult with horticulturists, nutritionists or qualified health professional dietitians by self-booking a meeting through their flexible bookable appointment system on our website. Meetings currently take place online or under Covid-safe protocols
  • Place orders for local amenity plants and all varieties of greenery from vendors for others, and
  • Become familiar with all techniques of other horticultural services on offer

3. Verified Signed Up Vendors & Advisors can:

  • Sell their products and services on the website to customers
  • Feature their products, and place ads on Plantform for customers to view
  • Access their Pro Dashboard to use all the features they need to manage the store (products, sale orders, order history, transactions, shipping, seller profile, notifications from shoppers, store followers and more)

4. Plantform Admin will:

  • Pre-approve vendors before permitting them to sell products on  
  • Give customers each vendor indicative location pre-purchase
  • Reveal the vendor’s full contact details, including their precise address location in the order confirmation email
  • Enable optional postage or shipping fees per product for vendors
  • Assist customers, vendors and advisors with any platform queries. See our FAQs

This service requires member sign-up. However, there are no set-up costs, and our quarterly members’ registration fee is waived for the first vendors in each location for a limited period.


a) Search for local and independent sellers.

b) Select fresh vegetables & fruit, plants, flowers & trees that you wish to buy, subject to €20 minimum spend with each vendor.

c) Pay securely online, opting either for delivery or collection. If delivery is farther than 5 km, the vendor may request a discretionary delivery charge at the check-out.


a) Find professional horticultural advisors, nutritionists and medical dietician specialist services online bio.
b) Access their online appointment booking system and self-book an appointment with the advisor while completing the online appointment booking form, describing the purpose of your meeting.
c) Pay securely online and receive a booking confirmation email.
d) Dial into your online appointment.

• Your advisor is either an expert in the horticulture industry that you are relying on and can guide you on the path to ‘happier plants’, gardening tips and support, growing your gardening skills, etcetera, infinity.
• Otherwise, a nutritionist or medical dietician to guide and assist you in developing a balanced nutritional diet.

Shop from your local horticulture supplier by glancing via

  1. Your nearest flowers & plants stores,
  2. Your closest fresh produce or green grocery stores
  3. Various advisory appointment services, or
  4. Other Horti services via Plantform blog, and view the range of products and unique services.

Here are three effortless steps to get you started:

  1. Select the ‘sign up’ option.
  2. Enter your email address and select ‘Register’.
  3. Ta-dah, you’re free to start browsing.

Vendors must sign up and apply, providing proof of identity and business ownership, before selling products to you. 

Similarly, advisors must apply and register, before they can begin advising customers.

Customers can find their nearest plants, flowers, trees or local fresh produce market.

Meanwhile, horticulture growers, grower retailers & pure independent retailers in any location may apply to become vendors.   Amenity plant horticulturists or fresh produce providers can find out more.

Advisors offering appointments on Plantform, provide gardening and dietary advisory services for customers through personal appointments. Examples may include:

  1. Advisors hosting online to offline workshops or webinars, for example, masterclasses – you might wish to invite or sell a 10-member group ticket to a Plant Workshop.
  2. Professionals conducting a short 30-min consultation or webinar on their specialist service, e.g. gravel gardens, garden design, avant-garde[n] specialist.
  3. Similarly, before selling their services, advisors must first undergo the sign-up process. Advisors can find out more.

Other horti services non-appointments based may feature their service in our blog. Also, see our FAQs.