Gardening and Nutrition Advisors for Customers

Horticultural Advisors, Nutritionists & Registered Dieticians, Register to Join us so Customers can Book an Initial Consultation with you.

Remember, there are:

  • No sign-up or listing fees
  • 15% Platform commission on products and services, 0% on delivery fee
  • 20 Euro minimum client fee
  • Use our free appointment scheduling and guest self-booking system for control and excellent client experience 
  • Customers get an opportunity to see a plethora of Horti specialisations or treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual level
  • Savings on direct costs (e.g. marketing material)
  • Access to Plantform product discussion centre pre and post meetings
  • Offer own coupons
  • Customer push notification via Plantform promotional banner plus featured vendors or products on the homepage or contributory blog articles
  • No significant investment in getting started
  • Client interest gained beyond community and national boundaries
  • Customise your service according to client demand
  • Retain client management & relationship
  • Retain oversight of your service (reputable, quality, ethical) – just an additional delivery channel
  • Hero new advisor on the homepage for a small fee
  • Advisors have a captive local community market to attract and sell to immediately!


Furthermore, Plantform ecosystem wants to cater full circle for all customer requirements.

Our customer survey revealed that plants & gardening care specialist information and advice is sourced from online research, Horti societies, books, magazines, speaking to informed gardeners, and gardening courses.

With European country databases comprising 72,000+ plants, an ongoing horticulture knowledge base and emerging science, customers 100% crave gardening advice. Plus, increasing awareness of a nutritionally sound diet that can be sustainably produced is rising.

Horticulture advisors, nutritionists and registered dieticians, why not connect with Plantform customers via a personal online appointment system? Inspire customers by sharing the true awesomeness of greenery and vegetation and how it can enrich their lives.

Help create a complete customer journey. Guarantee increased business visibility and recognition for your expertise. Use our flexible platform to enhance and tailor your service to meet online demand.

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