Vendors (Producers & Independent Garden Centres)

PLANTFORM SERVICE is a new online plant and fresh produce marketplace for vendors, advisors, and shoppers. Whereby the focus is on independent retailers collectively presenting quality plant items, delivering locally, advancing ‘Irish grown’ and encouraging sustainability.  It’s where Independents, affectively group and see strength in numbers to grow and scale their business nationwide.



• No sign-up fee and no listing fee
• Secure online customer payment with SSL encryption
• Handle your own orders and manage deliveries directly for more control and better customer service
• 15% Platform commission on products, 0% on vendor delivery fee
• 20 Euro minimum customer spend per vendor
• Savings on direct costs (e.g. product time on bench, square footage per plant), and money (e.g. marketing material – other than tags)
• Access to product discussion centre pre and post purchase
• Offer own coupons
• Customer push notification via Plantform promotional banner, featured vendor or products on homepage or contributory blog articles
• No large inventory investment up front
• Attract customers in locations that don’t have an infrastructure (local shop units) to facilitate selling of plants and fresh produce market items
• Customer interest beyond community and national boundaries
• Provide a retail division for growers
• Customise your product offering according to demand
• Plantform will not compete with vendors by selling similar but less expensive own branded products
• Plantform operate in cities, towns & communities
• Plantform take care of marketing
• Retain your brand control by trading from a generic store front, competing solely on product-market fit, pricing strategy & proximity of other local seller, product-quality, customer experience & delivery
• Retain customer management & relationship
• Customers get an opportunity champion local businesses
• Even where the same product may be sold under many different vendors, the customer focus is on supporting local businesses (with additional bonus of free local delivery)
• Retain oversight of your product (reputable, quality, ethically sourced) – just an additional delivery channel
• Hero new local vendor on homepage for a small fee
• Vendors access a captive local community market to immediately attract and sell to



Why not present your most desirable, health beneficial plants and trade alongside other local vendors on a white-label product offering basis? Bridge the gap between local farmers, growers, independent retailers and customers to whom you deliver items directly.  Plantform will also provide speedy access to niche, luxe and mass groups of  like-minded ‘green’ advocates.

 You’ll have greater visibility and transparency alongside other vendors enabling real-time product differentiation, ergo more customer choice.

You’ll also help to:

  • Create an exhaustive database of horticulture products, re-iterate convenience or promote buying  local, as a way of life.
  • Boost your online sales while using our vendor dashboard to maintain track of activity and stock-levels.
  • Collectively – yet remain independent – specialise in all forms of plants and plant-based items

Help customers pay more attention to how and where their plants are grown by starting your own Plantform Store.  Register as a shop Vendor here.



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